Mystery External Login Module errors AEM6.5



We have AEM website hosted by Adobe MS that is being upgraded from AEM6.3 to AEM6.5 ("upgrade in place").

Every since the upgrade mystery configurations (four of each) for:



This in turn creates OSGI configs.

When we restart an instance we get spammed with errors

*ERROR* [Apache Sling Resource Provider Change Notifier] No IDP found with name  xxxxxx

The thing is, our application does not or has ever used LDAP and our pre-upgrade AEM instances do not have any ExternalLoginModuleFactory or DefaultSyncHandler. So it is something that has been introduced in AEM6.5 or in the upgrade process.

I've gone in an manually deleted all references to these configs but next restart they just come back.

Anyone have any idea where these configs are being created and how to get rid of them?

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Thanks, but system/console/osgi-installer just tell me that the config was installed from jcrinstall:/apps/system/config, which I kind of knew anyway. It doesn't explain how the config appeared in /apps/system/config (we didn't put it there, it wasn't there on our AEM6.3 instance, in just appeared after this instances was upgraded to AEM6.5) nor why even after I delete the entries in /apps/system/config they come back after a restart.

But I guess if this isn't a common issue with the AEM6.5 upgrade then it must be something with Adobe Managed Services build. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.