MySOL Connection Issue



Dear Team,

I have come across below issue:


AEM version : 6.5.0

MySQL Version : 8.0.20


I have done my MySQL schema connection successfully using "Day Common JDBC Connections Pool " as below :



and when I execute my JSP code below , i get "Connection done" message.

JSP Code:


DataSourcePool dspService = sling.getService(DataSourcePool.class);
try {
DataSource ds = (DataSource) dspService.getDataSource("aemform");
if(ds != null) {
%><p>Obtained the datasource!</p><%
out.println("Trying to get connection Connection done");
final Connection connection = ds.getConnection();
out.println("Connection done");

}catch (Exception e) {




Now , when I do same configuration using "Apache Sling Connection Pooled DataSource". I do not get "Connection Done" output from JSP , I mean connection is not getting established .




Could you please help me out . Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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