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Multifield with dropdown in classic UI and touch UI


Level 2

Hi All,

Currently I'm working on aem6.2 and needed to implement a dialog with multifield that has a dropdown.

This dropdown has to come in classic UI of the inbox process on clicking of 'Step Back'.

However, with this I'd also like to know this in touch UI as well.

Any help is appreciated.

Additionally if anyone can share a package, much thanks.

I need this on an urgent basis. Please help.

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Level 10

So you want a component that has both a Classic UI and Touch UI. Both have a MF where a drop-down is present.

To learn how to use a Drop-down in a multi-field in a Classic UI dialog - see this article - look at the dialog -

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating Adobe Experience Manager Components that use Standard Tag L...

I am not sure what you mean by Step Back - that seems to be associated more with a online wizard as opposed to a dialog.


Level 2

smacdonald2008​ Thanks for the reference it helped

I was trying to do two different things:

1. Build a MF component for classic UI, to be used in the 'inbox' of aem workflow dialog when the corresponding user selects 'complete' / 'step back' .

2. The corresponding touch UI part for the MF component to be used when the user logs in to action items & clicks on Complete @/ Step back