Multi-tenant deployments using Cloud Manager?



Hi Team,


One of our clients is looking to get onboard to Cloud Manager and they have multiple sites running on the same instance. All of these sites are having their own repositories and their own pipelines in a lower environment. Since we get only one Git repo when we move to Cloud manager and limited set of pipelines, is there a way that we can move to the cloud manager and could support multiple git repos and multiple pipelines for the sites?


Looking for some insights if someone in the community has come across the same usecase?




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Accepted Solutions (1)





This scenario is coming up often now.


Cloud manager allows multiple code quality pipelines but only one deployment pipeline which promotes the code till prod deployment with several steps including checks and approvals from CSE.


I think two options are there with a bit of restrictions and varying degree of effort:

1. Create separate branches (you can call them long running feature branches) and map them to the deployment pipeline when required. You can keep promoting or cancel the pipeline in dev or stage to allow other pipe lines to be allowed for deployment. It assumes you have a good gatekeeper and good quality control practices so that one site does not write/update others etc. This is simple to do but has a lot of operational effort and involvement of cloudmanager gatekeeper.

2. Have a local master repo where the local repos can sync the codebases. Once deployment to AMS environment is needed, you need to sync it to cloud manager git using jenkins hooks. So ideally use cloudmanager as code promotion for QA, UAT only on need basis and not a day to day code push. This solution will work but need effort in terms of setting up some infra and processes initially.






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Answers (1)




The Cloud Manager provides a pipeline for a git repo.


If you have multiple git repo then technically it is possible to have multiple pipelines but the availability of number of pipeline is based on your contract.


I would suggest you should check this with Adobe CSE. 


We used to have 2 repo for our project but on two different servers.