Multi-field values are not showing the stored values

devi_priya 06-09-2018


Recently we are facing issues in showing the stored values of custom multifield widgets(xtype="mtmulticompositefield"). The values are stored in crx node but not visible when opened in dialog. We are using AEM Version 6.1.0.SP2-CFP12. This functionality was working fine before and stopped working after some security updates.

Whenever page properties dialog is opened, "<page-path>/jcr:content.1.json" request is going and its taking the nodes with first level alone. The multifield values are stored in inner levels and its not retrieved in the jcr:content request. If we try the same request in browser with "<page-path>/jcr:content.infinity.json" the multifield values are coming in response. Might be after some update the "infinity.json" requests got changed to "1.json" for page properties jcr content.

For post CFP8 update, as per the below link tried the solution by giving value > 1000. But still its requesting "jcr:content.1.json" alone.

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Release Notes: AEM 6.1 Cumulative Fix Pack

Configuration settings required for NPR-15869


The NPR-15869 is a part of CFP8. The following configuration setting should be done if you are installing Cumulative Fix Pack 8 or any CFP package released post CFP8.

If the user needs to store data for page properties at a greater depth than 1 under /jcr:content, use the following steps to do configuration changes:

  1. Configure the property JSON Max results of Apache Sling Get Servlet using/system/console/configMgr
  2. Set its value to a number >1000 (which is the current default) such that this number is greater than the total number of nodes in the /jcr:content subtree till the configured depth above.

This will enable the sling GET servlet to be able to return all the required nodes.

Is there any way to make aem call "infinity.json" instead of "1.json" while opening page properties? Which place we have to configure these settings if its overridden by some security updates. Please suggest some alternate solutions if available.

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