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Hello, I have a hopefully fairly simple question.


Does MSM work with the native AEM translation framework?

In other words, would a translation connector that follows the structure outlined by the bootstrap conenctor be able to correctly operate on content of an AEM instance that employs MSM?


It seems to me that the answer is yes, however some of the phrasing here and here is causing doubts.


Thanks and kind regards,

Jan Humpál

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @JanHumpal 


Using bootstrap conenctor, One can integrate with human and machine translators to create language copies in AEM.

When you create a language copy in AEM, it asks for pages/assets that need to be translated and after selecting it, AEM translation Management process the source content and translates the content using the translation provider selected during translation. It creates a similar structure in AEM.


Suppose if you want to translate whole sites of we.retail Canada English whose path is /content/we-retail/ca/en to the German Language(de) then the target structure of translated copies will be /content/we-retail/ca/de


However, language copies never create a live copy relationship [Don't get confused with live copy concept]

The difference is explained very well in this thread




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