MSM live copy

Aeman 26-02-2019

I have a master copy and we created live copy versions based out it. 

If I change the page name in my master (changing page name by Move feature) how does the change gets cascaded down to live copy versions? Doesn't seem to work right now. On AEM 6.4.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


check if the "rollout" trigger is configured on parent page and the cq:LiveSyncConfig node exist on child with appropriate configs?

In addition to that, validate that relevant Action Configs in /system/console/configMgr  -- CQ MSM Content Update Action, Copy Action, Delete Action and CQ MSM Page Move Action, etc. have the appropriate configurations to allow your use case.

P.S. you may refer to we-retail implementation for a working example