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I want to use MSM in creating 20 new sites, consisting of 50 odd pages each. I want to understand if there will be any degradation in AEM performance post adding all the sites. I already have around 22 sites up and running with similar content size.

  1. Is there any formula where I can calculate the hardware requirements for the same. 
  2. Will there be any problem if I use 'Activate on Blueprint activation' rollout configuration while creating all 20 sites. Means when i activate blueprint all the 20 live copies also will get activated. Will the replication queue get affected.
  3. Is there any necessity to analyse Thread and Heap dumps? If so, what are the things I need to concentrate on?

Please let me know if there are other things I need to consider. Thanks in advance..!!



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @hemanth_sreenu ,

Regarding your questions:

1. Yep, there's some consideration that you need to do in order to apply the correct sizing to your environment, especially if you have a large number of content. As you can see from the official docs [0] you can use the benchmark test in order to understand what's the most appropriate sizing

2. The usage of "Activate on blueprint" options is helpful for the editing, but you are right, it can cause some performance issues if the sizing is not correctly. What I can suggest is to avoid the access to the "Activation Tree" just to avoid a very large issue, and try to monitor the system into the initial phase in order to understand if the sizing is compliant with the editing behaviour

3. Yep, analysis is every time a best practice. If you collect thread dump, you can identify easily if the queue is creating some issues. 





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Answers (1)




Hi Hemanth,

Please see the inline response to your queries:


~ See [0] outlining the recommended formula to calculate the hardware requirements for structuring the sites.

~ You can safely use "Activate on Blueprint activation" rollout configuration. Here the rollout trigger is set to "On Activation". Use of the On Modification trigger can impact performance. See MSM best practices for more information.




~ It is always good to capture the thread and heap dumps to analyse AEM performance. See [1] for more details.