Move Bulk Assets from one location to another without using Workflow. [AEM6.5]



Hi Team,

I have huge number of assets present in a particular folder and I want to move those assets to another folder but without using workflow.

I remember in some doc. we can do it by running some scripts.

Not sure what is that script and how to run script.


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Answers (2)



Migration of assets should be in two steps:

In the first step we need to find what are the assets that is being used some where means what are the assets which is having some reference. if number of assets, which is having some reference, is less then we can use the MOVE option benefits  it will be - will not have to focus on update the reference. If number of assets is huge the we can go for groovy scripts or servlet.

In the second step we can migrate the non-referenced assets with the help of groovy script in some scenario webdev is also helpfull.


Hope this will help.


Umesh Thakur





Hi @tushaar_srivastava,

If the assets in old location is already referenced in any of the site pages, consider doing "Move" operation from DAM console as it handles location adjust along with republish(if applicable). 

Otherwise, moveAsset method from AssetManager API via script execution should do. (as @vanegi shared)