minify the contexthub js file

prakashsb 07-02-2019

HI All,

I am working on building the datalayer using contexthub to use it through Adobe launch. I am seeing the contexthub.kernel.js is not getting minified in publisher. I didn't find any documentation steps to minify the contexthub.kernel.js file.

Please suggest

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I haven't heard of this use case but if you want to minify it then either do it outside AEM and simply dump it in AEM or otherwise use

Adobe Granite HTML Library Manager in /system/console/configMgr

SB_PK 07-02-2019

yes smacdonald2008​, i have gone through the adobe docs, nowhere its mentioned about the contexthub minification. But the contexthub.kernel.js file around 600KB. it hits the page performance.. its get minified the size of contexthub.kernel.js will be less.