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First of all thanks for creating this forum appreciate it.

Do we have any tool or scripts to migrate the content(documents with metadata) from Sharepoint Online/File Share to AEM. Also if there is any API exposed which can do this task please let me know.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




I am not aware of any connector or migration tool, which helps you to do that. Also the migration will be impacted by the details of your page templates and page components, plus -- most important -- the content architecture.

Having said that you can use the PageManager API to create the page itself, and then either the Sling or JCR API to create the component nodes beneath it.

A general advice: If you are a novice to the topic of AEM (and especially AEM content structures), I would recommend to get help by an experienced AEM architect/practioneer, which has previous experience how to structure content (both pages and components) the right way to make best use of the capabilities AEM provides. If you start with major flaws in there, it can heavily impact the experience with AEM.

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