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Migration from cq.5.6.1 to AEM 6.1


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Hi All,


I have done the migration from CQ5.6.1 to AEM 6.1. as per the the adobe recommendation however few bundles are in  Active fragments and Un-resolved state. Please refer as given below. Please suggest how to resolve this.

Active fragments

Adobe - XMPFiles Worker platform fragment linuxcom.adobe.xmp.worker.files.native.fragment.linux

Adobe - XMPFiles Worker platform fragment macosxcom.adobe.xmp.worker.files.native.fragment.macosx

Adobe - XMPFiles Worker platform fragment solaris-intelcom.adobe.xmp.worker.files.native.fragment.so...

Adobe - XMPFiles Worker platform fragment solaris-sparccom.adobe.xmp.worker.files.native.fragment.so...

Adobe - XMPFiles Worker platform fragment wincom.adobe.xmp.worker.files.native.fragment.win

Un resolved

Adobe Communique 5 TagManager Integrationcom.adobe.cq.cq-dms-tagmanager
Adobe CQ Content Insight and Recommendationscom.adobe.cq.cq-content-insight
AEM Target Recommendations Integrationcom.adobe.cq.cq-targetrecommendations

CQ Mobile Apps - Core Bundlecom.adobe.cq.mobile.cq-mobile-core

Day Communique 5 Analyticscom.day.cq.cq-analytics
Day Communique 5 Geometrixx Commons Corecom.adobe.cq.wcm.cq-geometrixx-commons-core
Day Communique 5.6 DAM s7 Dam Integrationcom.day.cq.dam.cq-dam-s7dam





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