Migrating existing locale to MSM (Live Copy)



Hi all,

We have already a site in production (locale : en_US). We are doing MSM implementation. Is it possible to convert this existing locale en_US (which has lots of pages inside it) to "Live Copy".

1) Can we write any migration script which will convert a normal node into "Live Copy" ?

2) Is it risky to convert normal node into "live Copy" node ?

3) Is there any other method which Adobe recommends to convert existing node into "Live Copy" ?

Other approach for such migration will be to spin up separate new AEM instance and have en_US Live Copy ready there and then switch existing AEM instance with this new AEM instance. But this will in-cur cost of setting up new AEM instance.

Please let me know how you have done such Live Copy creation for existing production site.

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Turning a site into a livecopy is unlikely to work that easy. I would use something along these lines:

* create a true livecopy "en_us" from the blueprint

* then identify all pages with the same from your freshly created livecopy and the existing site.

* break the inheritance on a page level on these pages.

* then merge the existing pages onto this livecopy pages without touching the msm properties and mixin types.

* validate that the inheritance is properly broken.

* just copy all other pages which only exist in your current site into the new livecopy structure.

Just a simple approach from the top of my head, no guarantee that it's working.


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Answers (3)



Hi There,

Haven't done the migration of a complete site, but have created Live copies of a page using the below AEM documentations following the best practices.

Reusing Content: Multi Site Manager and Live Copy

Creating and Synchronizing Live Copies

I assume For transferring an existing site, below activities has to be planned and successfully implemented:

Hope this may help you.



Hi Berliant,

Thanks for reply. Also can you confirm if we create Live Copy on 1st Environment - Can i create content package of this live copy and its source and deploy on next environment. Will this cause issue on 2nd envoironment. Will Live Copy relationship not work on 2nd env which were created in 1st env.