Migrate customizations [w.r.t publishing of assets] from 6.2 to 6.5



Hi All,

We are migrating asset pulishing related customizations.

AEM 6.2 - What this basically does is on selecting an asset and clicking on "Publish" or "Publish Later", based on some logic on custom property which is set on asset, it prevents/allows us from publishing the asset.

Customized file in AEM 6.2 - /apps/dam/gui/coral/components/admin/publish/clientlibs/publishasset/publishasset.js

We have around 2 custom methods added for it work in 6.2. What it basically does is hit a servlet with asset paths and based on asset metadata property, it returns a json something like "failure/success : dam asset path ". Based on the response, asset publishing is allowed/not allowed.


AEM 6.5.0[no service packs or hotfix or anything] - we have moved the customized code to publishasset.js in 6.5. However, it works fine only with "Quick Publish".

With options under "Manage Publication", the customizations do not work.


Analysis done w.r.t 6.5 so far -

1] Looks like the below file is invoked on clicking "Manage Publication" and changes needs to be done here.


2] Trying to achieve same behavior with 6.5 "Manage Publication" option. But not able to get any pointers on how to go about achieving this behavior. Tried multiple things.

Any thoughts/pointers/reference code on this will be really helpful.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)




Not clear what exactly are you customising here from the above details but seems you would need to update this JS as well : /libs/cq/gui/components/common/admin/managepublication/clientlibs/managepublication/js/ma nagepublication.js