Merge Git Repos for Cloud Manager




We are implementing Cloud Manager to CI/CD for our Stage and Prod env.

As per documentation, we need to use single git repo as code source. In our current code structure we have 2 repo:

1. AEM Global = used for AEM code having standard modules like core,uiapps,it.launcher etc

2. AEM Dispatcher = used for Dispatcher config


Can you suggest or provide guidance on how can I merge these 2 repo into single one on my Eclipse..?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




@Mayukh007 what version of AEM are you using? If it is fresh start, I would prefer to create a new skeleton project using aem maven archetype 23, port your code into it and check into one git repository and use that repo for cloud manager.


Cloud manager uses latest archetype structure for deployment.. it has "all" package which will consists of all sub packages and a dispatcher module inbuilt.




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Answers (1)



@Mayukh007  I agree with the shashi's answer. If you have this repo's created before and want to quickly make things work then you can get the basic dispatcher module structure from AEM archetype or from your AMS CSE which is a maven module and migrate all the configurations from AEM dispatcher repo to AEM global repo by following all the specification.


Note: If you want dispatcher configurations to be deployed using CM then you should follow the AMS dispatcher configuration specification/structure.