Mapping package for redirection to another internal page for removal of .html



Hi Guys,


We have a requirement to remove all .html extensions in website for best SEO practices, we have removed all .html with help of dispatcher rules and corresponding mapping.


But we have an issue with redirect pages which adding .html by default.

For e.g. (redirect page to home)

is redirect to 


We have tried mapping package for internal redirection but havent worked. Please find below mapping package rules.


sling:match = ".+/home.html"

sling:redirect = "/home/"


But it is not working as expected (going to blank package even though we have correct internalmapping for /home/)

please let us know if i have done anything wrong above or give me a way to rectify this issue.(Note: let me know if we can do it without help of dispatcher rules)

aem6.5 mappings

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