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<acl:out> jstl uri taglib equivalent htl tag required


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how can i replace jstl tag <acl:out> into sightly in migration project. for access controls based on user type..

i dont know how proceed further ..please let us know how to handle these??

<%@taglib uri="http://www.mysite.com/acl" prefix="acl"%>

acl came from uri taglib..then how can i replace this in sightly

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What it does? If it is rendering content based on user permission, you can check same in Sling Model and return content or flag based on user.

Arun Patidar


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Hi arun, it is based on usertype like customer or employee etc. May I know exactly replacement of jstl of taglib uri's in sightly for conversion from jstl to htl. I am thinking java api referred for uri taglib in jsp. Correct me and provide me how can I migrate.