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Hi All,


We have extended the ASC search provider to have the business requirements get fullfilled for some of the metadata values being restricted as per the user groups.- This part is done and working.


The requirement now is that fulltext search must be something like below:


If I search with keyword:  Hello World

The result must come up with data which should contain both the words (not just hello or not just world, but both) and the order does not matter.

So for example next time If I search for World Hello, this should return the same number of result.


Articles can be ignored here...


So What I am searching is for full text search with AND operator between words.

So I somebody searches for Hello World.

We can split the search and search words "Hello" AND "World" in the repo with query builder.


Is therey any way to do this with ?

If somebody can guide me to extend ASC searchprovidee for above kind of requirement that would also be ok.





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