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Lock on asset version, not on path


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               Requirement is to lock an asset (1.0) if it is in approval workflow. New version (2.0) of that asset should not affect locked asset(1.0).

        we are using OOB Lock Payload process to acquire lock on asset, and able to prevent asset for any metadata change.

        But Asset is getting updated in active workflow, if any new version of same asset is uploaded in DAM.

        AEM version 6.4.4

         Any thoughts please.



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what is the expected outcome of locking a version? A version is immutable, so locking does not make any sense.

If I understand you correctly, the problem in your case is that a locked asset in a workflow can still be overwritten by the DAM Asset Update workflow. Yes, that's possible.

Because "locking" does not really mean "locking", it is not enforced, but rather seen as a flag. Unfortunately. And from what I understood this is a limitation deep in Oak :-(

The only way I know is to extend this workflow and check if the asset is locked before you do any changes to the asset.



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Thanks Jorg for your reply, got the point correctly. each new version of asset invoking DAM Asset Update workflow which is overwriting base asset. Initially thought to go for custom implementation but before that wanted to check on any OOB solution to prevent it.