List of Events in Touch UI AEM 6.2



Can someone share the list of events in touch UI for AEM 6.2.Apart from the below events

(function ($, $document) {
    "use strict";

    $document.on("dialog-ready", function() {
        //$(window).adaptTo("foundation-ui").alert("Open", "Dialog now open, event [dialog-ready]");

    $(document).on("click", ".cq-dialog-submit", function (e) {
        //$(window).adaptTo("foundation-ui").alert("Close", "Dialog closed, selector [.cq-dialog-submit]");

    $document.on("dialog-ready", function() {
        document.querySelector('form.cq-dialog').addEventListener('submit', function(){
            //$(window).adaptTo("foundation-ui").alert("Close", "Dialog closed, selector [form.cq-dialog]");
        }, true);

    $document.on("dialog-success", function() {
        //$(window).adaptTo("foundation-ui").alert("Save", "Dialog content saved, event [dialog-success]");

    $document.on("dialog-closed", function() {
        //$(window).adaptTo("foundation-ui").alert("Close", "Dialog closed, event [dialog-closed]");
})($, $(document));




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Accepted Solutions (1)


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You can take indirect help of Touch UI validations.

See this article :-

// AEM Touch UI Custom Validation

The  selector property ties the validator to the form elements on the page. The property accepts any jQuery selector such as a class ( .my-class-name), type ( INPUT) or attribute ( INPUT[type="text"]) selectors. The  validate property is the function that validates the form element's input. The function provides the form element as a jQuery object as the single available parameter. The field is treated as invalid if this function returns a string literal as the validation error message.

So here in validate function you can perform your actions.


Also please have a look at this community article :-


And do watch this ask the expert session :-""


I hope this would help you.