Linkchecker marking URLs invalid without www



The original authored URL is -, please note there is no www here, 

However, linkechecker is checking for I do not want it to prefix www. 

Is there is a config/setting to switch this behaviour off and make the linkhecker valdiate only the authored links. 

*ERROR* [] Failed to validate URL Name or service not known


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Accepted Solutions (1)




The linkchecker is only recording links which are rendered as links in your pages. Thus if you encounter such a "www" domain, one of your pages is having such a link. The best way would be to crawl your site and identify the link in that format. Not sure of the originating page is listed as part of the node structure for the linkchecker.

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Answers (1)



Hi @RahulBapat 

Simply use the attribute x-cq-linkchecker="skip" inside the anchor tag if you want this check to be skipped.
<a href="/skip-the-link" x-cq-linkchecker="skip">Skip Link</a>

Hope it helps 🙂