Limited Admin Capabilities



The platform admin role for my company has gone through an internal audit. I have the platform admin group as a child to the out of the box admin group which grants (what appears to be) a blank check for permissions to the system. The item that has come out of the audit is that the users in the platform admin group are able to create and publish content which bypasses the workflow process. What I'm hoping to accomplish is to remove the ability to create content. I cannot seem to find a way to restrict the ability to create content. The steps I took for a different role got me a 404 error when creating a page or site, however, those same restrictions for the platform admin do not work. Has anyone had to limit certain abilities to admin level users while keeping the association to the out of the box admin account? If not, is there any documentation on what permissions the admin role grants so I can put together permissions for the platform admin group I have?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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