Let’s Talk Implementation: Streamlining Multiple Sites to Build Seamless Experiences





Implementations are very critical to the success of any platform strategy. A lot of tech roadblocks arise due to gaps in implementations and integrations.

Let’s Talk Implementation is a series that will expose you to the different ways in which our customers are realizing value from Adobe products through proper implementation.

Here is case from a Hi Tech Client from North America.

Our client had a commerce site and multiple brand specific micro-sites catering to regions and languages. They were all siloed and cumbersome to maintain with brittle user experience. Our client wanted to revamp their web properties, so they could:

  • Integrate with their commerce engine of choice
  • Provide unified and consistent experience across all micro-sites
  • Smooth content flow across all micro-sites
  • Easily maintain the sites with zero down-time

Our recommendation was centered around their integration and content strategy, these include:

Building on our experiences with similar clients, we have created the Adobe Experience Manager Sites implementation guides that serve as a one stop shop for all implementation needs. For more information, refer to following threadhttps://forums.adobe.com/thread/2355787