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Learn how to customize a component using the Social Component Framework in AEM 6


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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6 supports social components that let you build web sites that contain social functionality that lets you engage with your customers. For example, you can add functionality that lets your users leave comments on your website. AEM supports out of the box social components. For information, see Social Communities.

AEM also supports the ability to customize these social components to meet your business requirements. You can use the AEM Social Component Framework Java API to create a custom social component. A user can interact with an AEM web site by interacting with functionality exposed by your custom social component.

An AEM social component forms the basis of HTTP API responses and the context made available to a front end component. Sometimes you need to add more information or hide information to the default social component to meet your business requirement. You can achieve this use case by writing an AEM OSGi bundle that uses the AEM Social Component Framework Java API located in the com.adobe.cq.social.commons.client.api package. For information about this API, see Package com.adobe.cq.social.commons.

For example, you can modify the appearance of the AEM comment system by using AEM Java APIs.


To read this article, click Customizing Your First Adobe Experience Manager Social Component.

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I have tried this tutorial to customize the Comment Component : http://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-0/develop/social-communities/tutorials/overlay-comments.html

I followed all the steps but when I tested the comment component, I can post but the new comments is not showing after I refresh the page. Did I miss anything?



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There was a bug in the Overlay Comments Component tutorial which has been fixed.

The tutorial used to say the Super Type could be left blank.   Instead, the Super Type should be set to the same value as the Super Type (sling:resourceSuperType) of the component being overlayed.

See if that doesn't fix your problem.

Note that the Extend Comments Component tutorial will be updated by the end of the week.

- JK

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Level 2

hi ,

We are using aem 6.2 , can you please throw a light on how to customize the login component of social communities ?