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Hi All,


After seeing the new Adobe certification levels and changes to the existing levels, a question arose:



From what I can see the AEM Developer has between 1 and 3 years of experience and the architect has 3+ years, where does this situate the lead developer?


At the moment of this post I have 3 years experience with AEM and have been involved with almost every aspect of a project life cycle and have also led a team of developers for a project. I have seen a lot of people taking either the Developer exam or the Architect exam yet I have seen little to no one taking the lead developer. They have either gone straight to Architect or renewed as Developer.

Could someone please clarify as to what certification someone in my situation should take? Lead or Architect?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @spikeabi1 , 

Like @Arun_Patidar  explained, knowledge is all important, not to worry about experience. 

If you are good at overall architecture, problem solving skills, Integration etc you can go with architect certification. 

If you are good at coding side, you can go for lead developer certification. 

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If your role is a developer or lead developer. who mainly focused on writing code. Then you can go with Lead Developer exam.

If you are designing solution for AEM like integrations, optimizations, new requirements etc. You can go for Architect exam.


Do not measure experience with years rather with knowledge.



hi @spikeabi1 True, but it all depends on the kind of work you do in your project. As you said if you got the opportunity to explore all concepts practically you should go with a lead developer.