Launcher Issue with Regex Pattern



Hi Team , 


I have a usecase to activate the all the images created under certain path , So I have created a generic launcher with OOTB Activation Model  .. But activation is not triggered when i use the regex pattern in launcher with dam:Asset combination , it always expect the absolute path .Is there any solution for this

Folder to be activated 




Listener Properties 

Event Type: Created

NodeType :dam:Asset


Workflow :Activation Model






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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @sambasivarajar4,

Can you try the launcher properties similar to definition for "DAM Update Asset" Workflow

Event : Created

Type : nt:file

Path : /content/dam(/.*/)products(/.*/)renditions/original

In this case, payload path will be the asset path till original node. Perhaps you can write a custom process step for activation/replication by retrieving the main asset path from workflow payload and Replicator API


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