Launch + AEM 6.4 Implementation Questions



I have been working through Launch implementation on my AEM 6.4 environments and I have some questions that are not addressed in the documentation I have reviewed.

Below are the questions I have after reviewing the video walkthrough steps here:

  1. Should the steps outlined in Step 2 around 4:20 be taken in both of our primary Author environments (Staging and Prod)?  Just one (if so, which)?
  2. The video in Step 3 starts with confirming that Cloud Configurations is checked when viewing our Configuration Properties under General > Configuration Browser.  Our environment does NOT have this checked; are there broader implications for checking this box that I should be aware of?
  3. Will I need to check the ContextHub segments box in this General > Configuration Browser > {My Site} in order to use the Launch/AEM ContextHub extension?
  4. Similar to #1 above, should the steps outlined in Step 3 be taken in both the Staging and Prod Author environments?  Just one (if so, which)?

I have reviewed the text-based instructions here as well and I'm still unclear on these points.

Any clarification on the questions above would be appreciated.

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