Language problem on targeted content



I have a multi-language site, say I have it in en, es and fr, for English, Spanish and French respectively, default language is English, but the user can select the desired one.

The problem arises when I try to create targeted content, if I go ahead in the authoring environment, and create a targeted content in French, for example, I will expect the translations to remain in French, but when the page load that content in the publish environment, it will be in English. Just to clarify on that, the actual authored content is still in French, but there are dynamic parts that are the ones affected, they use the i18n filter to translate the text, and those are the ones that remain in English.

My guess is that it's not getting the language information from the URL (or jcr:language property) because targeted content lives under /campaigns and there's not language information there.

What can be the best way to fix this issue?

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