java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.adobe.granite.auth.ims.ImsConfigProvider.getImsLoginUrl



while starting the AEM 6.4 on the error logs repeatedly the below error is printed.This occupies the entore log.please can you suggest if any configuration changes are required.



10.04.2020 12:11:30.564 *ERROR* [ [1586535090563] GET /libs/granite/core/content/login.html HTTP/1.1] service: Uncaught SlingException
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.adobe.granite.auth.ims.ImsConfigProvider.getImsLoginUrl(Ljavax/servlet/http/HttpServletRequest;)Ljava/lang/String;
at org.apache.jsp.libs.granite.core.components.login.login_jsp._jspService(
at []
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( [org.apache.felix.http.servlet-api:1.1.2]
at []

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Answered by Theo:



I've never had this problem but it looks like a bundle issue. As you can see here, the ImsConfigProvider does indeed have a getImsLoginUrl method, so this error is strange.

Can you check that you find com.adobe.granite.auth.ims.impl.ImsConfigProviderImpl among your active components by searching for it here: http://localhost:4502/system/console/components.

Also, make sure the Adobe Granite IMSAuthentication Handler bundle is in Active status here: http://localhost:4502/system/console/bundles


Thanks a lot,that helped.I restarted the bundle and it worked fine.Also disabled the  com.adobe.granite.auth.ims.impl.ImsConfigProviderImpl  in  http://localhost:4502/system/console/components. and made active.

This solved the issue.


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