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Hello Team - We have an utility page in author instance. In that page, there is a dynamic dropdown CoralUI field. We are facing issues with populating the dropdown as it throws an errror even though we have added the required clientlibs (coralui2/coralui3). Could someone help with the below error.


P.S: The dropwdown is not a part of a dialog, it is in the page itself.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



please see is there any local(content OR structure component) clientlibs which is using jquery or vanilla js to get some attribute of the dialog, is using correct coral2 or coral 3 UI specific class or not, for example in coral 2 UI we will be using

var dropdownSelection = $('span.marketingTileDropdown').find('.coral-Select-button-text')[0].innerText;

and in coral3 UI it will be 

var dropdownSelection = $('span.marketingTileDropdown').find('.coral3-Select-button-text')[0].innerText;
something like the above snipet you may need to check.
NOTE: this is just an example for your reference.
hope this will help.
Umesh Thakur

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