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Hello everyone,

I am quite new to the entire topic AEM but already having some issues I could neither find a solution nor information on the various pages. Currently we are using AEM I have the following issues, mainly with translation:

  1. Our homepage is changing a lot, hence, also the content of the pages. Sometimes I want to create a translation project for only a selection of text components. However, I can only create projects for the entire page and then must delete the already translated parts in the XML export. This is quite a lot of work and I would like to skip that part. Is there a way to tell AEM to only export certain text components?
  2. Is there an option to create translation projects for multiple languages at once, or for a predefined list of languages? Currently I must create a translation project for each language, and since the languages are always the same, I hope there is a way to shorten this process.
  3. Sometimes when exporting a page for translation in the master language (GER), some texts are already in the target language or in English. I cannot go through the entire files to find those errors. Do I do something wrong here?
  4. When I copy & paste text into AEM the text gets cut off, if there was a word-wrap in the source text. When I paste the text into Word or Notepad++, the entire text is copied correctly without any break. Anyone knowing what’s the issue here?

Thank you so much for helping me. I am getting a bit frustrated not finding any solution for these points and they are taking a lot of working to fix.

Best regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Your questions are too broad to be answered via a form post. Why don't you want to log a support case and arrange a screen share session with a support engineer?

Brief replies to your queries are:

1. You can only create a transition project from a page, but not from a paragraph on the page. After a transaction project has been created you can review: add/remove the content that you need to send to a translation service.

2. You can create a multi-language translation project to translate more than one language at the time

Managing Translation Projects

3. Most likely it is a project configuration issue. I suggest bringing it to a screen share session with Adobe AEM support

4. You might need to configure a desire copy/past behavior:




Configure the Rich Text Editor

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