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Issue with Publish instance.


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Hi Team,

I have started publish instance by command java -jar cq-publish-p4505.jar -debug p4505  and even tried by double clicking start.bat file it starts successfully .but in http://localhost:4505/system/console/status-slingsettings its showing run mode as author.(Screenshot 1)

Can you tell me why it is like this? And I have installed with nosamplecontent run mode. in start.bat file runmode is mentioned as publish(screenshot 2). and as Jar file is renamed as cq-publish-p4505.jar it should show run mode as publish right? in sling.properties file also sling.run.modes=publish only (screenshot 3).




Please suggest me on this. Waiting for your response.

Thanks in advance,


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For details on starting AEM in different modes -- see: Set run modes.

Hope this helps...


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Hi Thanks for the reply.

As per your reference, Set run modes  File name detection takes higher precedence but as per Run Modes link they have mentioned run mode defined in sling.properties takes higher precedence. Can you please tell me that which one is right?

And I am not able to start the aem instance by double clicking the jar. Either I need to start by double clicking  start.bat or quickstart.bat file or by command line. Can you please tell me what mistake I am doing here?

Thanks in advance