Issue with context hub in AEM 6.5



Hi All,

I am trying to use content hub for my website. The context hub throws below error while loading the page in the debugger console and causing issues.

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 20.21.40.png

contexthub:473 Store "granite.emulators" ( ƒ (b,a){this.config=g.extend(!0,{},l,a);a=this.getSupportedEmulators();g.extend(!0,this.config,{initialValues:{devices:a,currentDeviceId:a[0].id,
orientations:[{id:"landscape",title:"Landscape"},{id:"p… ) could not be initialized: TypeError: Cannot read property '3' of null
at contexthub:420
at (<anonymous>)
at Object.parseMediaRule (contexthub:420)
at e._getRules (contexthub:414)
at new e (contexthub:412)
at new e (contexthub:427)
at Object.<anonymous> (contexthub:473)
at Function.each (contexthub:48)
at contexthub:473
at contexthub:474
(anonymous) @ contexthub:473
each @ contexthub:48
(anonymous) @ contexthub:473
(anonymous) @ contexthub:474


Has anyone faced this issue and how to solve this issue?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello, @subrato_kha 
I'm not sure that it can be the issue but just try if you haven't tried it yet:
1)The solution provided here -
2)Check permissions of contexthub-conf-reader user in /useradmin console. It can be that this user doesn't have access to, e.g. /conf folder.


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