Issue with Azure data store



We're migrating to Azure, and I'm working on trying to get the azure (blob) data store to work as a shared data store.

Just starting from a completely fresh install, however I'm consistently receiving error like this, when for example installing the 6.4.2 service pack, but it's also happened when installing normal /content packages:

Exception in thread "Setup Initial Exporter Configuration" java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The query read or traversed more than 100000 nodes. To avoid affecting other tasks, processing was stopped.

Basically this ends up making whatever installation I was trying to perform not 100% successful.

On one node I tried to simply increase query limit by 10x, and that seemed to work, but I sincerely hope there is some explanation as to why this is happening, and how it should be avoided correctly.

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This is not an issue with the Azure datastore in the first place, but there is a query which is using an Oak index, and which is thus stopped. This should not happen, the thread name also indicates a product functionality behind it. Please raise a ticket with Adobe support.