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Hi guys,

I'm having an issue saving a page properties in 6.3 using touch ui. I navigated to the page using site.html and clicked properties. I changed the property and clicked Save & Close, but nothing happens. I can edit the property using crx, but touch ui does not work.


There are no log messages either (perhaps I need to turn up logging but which package?).


Any help is appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)





If the page cannot save properties when the "save" button is clicked on, there is definitely some kind of error happening. Errors like what you are experiencing must exist in 2 places: browser console and error.log. 

Can you please provide a screenshot of the errors in:

  1. Browser Console
  2. ./${aemJAR}.jar/crx-quickstart/logs/error.log - for the Stack Trace.

Once you understand the errors from the logs, it should give you more information on how to fix the problem. From a quick glance, the problem can exist because of invalid the Touch UI dialogue configuration.

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Answers (1)



Okay so what was going on is that a required page property was not filled out. The thing that was confusing is that the required field was on another tab, so I couldn't actually see it. There should be a banner/snackbar/something so that it is easier to see even when on other tabs.