Is there an option to edit multiple products in product store without bulk editor?



Is there an option to edit multiple products with associated scaffolding form in product store without bulk editor? Like option we have for editing multiple page properties and multiple asset properties.

Bulk editor is not touch friendly and tags cannot be selected instead needs to be manually added.

Any customization to look at?

AEM AEM 6.4.7 aem commerce ecomm

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @rangavinodkumar ,


If you want to change property or add the same property throughout your site. You can write a groovy script to add that particular property by writing a query. Refer this link 


Bulkeditor gives option of inplace editing but as you said its not touch friendly.

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Answers (2)




To edit multiple products with scaffolding, you can adapt the scaffolding definition for product data. For we.retail on AEM 6.4, this is /apps/scaffolding/we-retail/products, this config defines which properties are visible via the UI and helps in bulk creating and updating the products.






Hi @rangavinodkumar 

Agree with your point on bulk editor.

But as am aware,bulk editor is the only default option which OOTB provides to meet bulk editing feature. 

If not, you need to look at using customised tool/ or customising the bulk editor to meet your requirements.