Is there an AEM version matrix?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




There is no exact matching, because if you add the service packs and the lots of Sling bundles to it, it would be getting huge. And the benefit would be questionable.


My rules of thumb:


* AEM 6.0: Oak 1.0.x

* AEM 6.1: Oak 1.2.x

* AEM 6.2: Oak 1.4.x

* AEM 6.3: Oak 1.6.x

* AEM 6.4: Oak 1.8.x

* AEM 6.5: Oak 1.10.x 


Sling does not have a consistent version, as the bundles are typically versioned independently of each other, and also the inclusion of these bundles seems sometimes quite random.

For what do you need that? Maybe there's a way to fullfill your requirement without the exact knowledge of all of these versions.


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Answers (3)




I don't think there's any matrix or document that specifies the versions of sling, jcr, oak, and jackrabbit specific to each AEM version.




Perhaps someone will correct me but as far as I know, no there isn't 😕

However, if you're doing an upgrade and you're worried about versions, just make sure that:

  • Your Java Maven project includes the right uber-jar dependenciy
  • Your oak-run.jar version corresponds to the version visible in CRX DE: 
  • Your AEM forms version corresponds to the AEM version (if you have AEM Forms)
  • Your ACS Commons version is compatible with your AEM version (in this case there is a compatibilitiy matrix:
  • Your AEM Core Components is the latest version and is referenced/embeded in you Java Maven project as opposed to manual upload.

Sorry that this answer is a bit of a deflection, hopefully it's useful to you or someone else 🙂