Is there a way to clear data if you get Mixed Entries in properties



On our website we have hundreds of partners that share the same content with some of the content being unique. We want to be able to author in that unique data but also be able to do a bulk edit if we are looking to change for example a common title in all of these pages. The solution I'm pursuing is to have this data filled via the properties of the page template. By doing this I can edit all of our partners once but the risk involved is that if any of the data is different I see <Mixed Entries> in my text field which blocks me from editing this.


I understand that this is to prevent data loss but in this scenario what I would like to do is have whatever I add into the text field overwrite what was previously there. Alternatively it would be extremely helpful to have a report as to which page is not matching the rest of content or even just having away to clear that property on all pages.


Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm a little surprised there is so little control over this and also that the no information is given in terms of the error. 

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Have you already explored if the MultiSiteManager (MSM) would a solution to your problem? It is designed exactly for this usecase.