Is there a way to change the URL name without moving the page



Unfortunately, I've made pages with capital letters in the URL and I want to change them. As the question asks there a way to change the URL name without moving the page?


Or is there a way to change multiple URLs at once?


Thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Using vanity url we can request page using different url. Vanity ur l is present under Page properties --> Basic Tab. We can also write custom script or use groovy script to add vanity url property to jcr:content automatically to multiple pages by reading the existing path and converting to small letters. 


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Answers (4)



You have 4 options


1) update the rewrite rules in the dispatcher

2) vanity url (available in the page properities)

3) Sling alias (available in the page properities)

4) Akamai (if you are looking to implement as 302 or 301) .  This option is only available if CDN is part of your topology , if not available do ignore this option.




Hello @TTayler,

You can explore the Alias feature in AEM to satisfy your use-case. For instance, if you have a page /content/we-retail/TEST.html to be changed to /content/we-retail/test.html, you can follow below steps to achieve the same.



1) Go to /editor.html/content/we-retail/TEST.html

2) Open Page properties and go to Advanced Tab

3) Declare an Alias for this page by giving it an value of "test".

Now you'll be able to hit the page /content/we-retail/TEST.html as well as /content/we-retail/test.html.


You can check further on this in documentation SEO and URL Management Best Practices


Other way is described here in









Never fear when Groovy scripts are here!! 😎

Try running groovy scripts on the AEM project, it's easy to setup and easy to execute. I have implement something similar where I had to update the title of the page.
Let me know if you need any help in creating groovy scripts for the mentioned automation. You can also refer Groovy Scripts on AEM Content   

Happy Coding!! 





If you will not use move feature then the reference page links will be unchanged and end user still accessing page using old URL(capital).

There are various options are already shared -

1. Using sling alias --> It will allow you to access page using alternative page name. References of this page will be unchanged.

You may need to write rewrite rules at Apache to forward request to new page name url, if end user is accessing pafe with old url.

2. Don't use vanity path, it is more complex than it looks and in your case it is not required.