Is there a limit on a number of live copies a page can have?



I have multiple pages with more than 95 live copies.. And a page with around 37 live copies.. Whenever i make any changes to the page with less live copies , i see that the changes get reflected to the live copies immediately.. But when i make some changes to the pages with more live copies the changes are not visible in the live copies ..


All the pages have the same rollout configs

They all have the same mixin type -liveRelationship


I cross verified all the properties for these pages ..Every thing looks similar, apart from the number of livecopies ..


The only workaround that i see that works is i have to break the inheritance and re enable it ( With huge some of live copies was trying to avoid this)


Is there anything else that i could validate if there is no such limit.


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Hi @AEMnewbie ,


I think there is no limit for live copies. we can configure the appropriate rollout triggers -

Use of the On Modification trigger can impact performance. See MSM best practices for more information.