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Is parallel routing possible in AEM?


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Split.jpgHi All,

Currently we are trying to achieve a parallel routing in workflow for users where more than 1user can view a submission in parallel.

We tried out a variety of methods:

  1. Customizing/Overlaying the existing OR split component(which was not possible)
  2. Associating a Split & then adding participants(where it's probably not taking the conditions). Any help which can guide us for using the "Split" component is much appreciated
  3. Associating a process split with an OR split.

The main problem being that, the generic OR split goes into each branch even when the condition is 'false', but the submission doesn't reach out to the user attached.

Only the user whose condition is 'true' gets the submission.

So why is it going into the false condition branch at all?

Can anyone guide me on this.

Much thanks.

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Level 10

THe Eng team stated:

Please refer to the Workflow docs.  To do parallel processing in a workflow you must use an “AND SPLIT”.  DO not use an “OR SPLIT”, which is for decision making à ie: follow only one branch in the split.