Is it possible to share site headers/footers across domains?



It's fairly common practice for companies to integrate external services like payment systems and booking engines into their websites that would require a seamless experience for their users online. Does AEM support the ability to share site-level header/footer navigation (including their CSS/Javascript dependencies) built in the AEM authoring environment to be consumed in other websites? I read about content fragments and experience fragments but am not entirely sure if those are the right solution to this. Please help.AEM - Questions

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Accepted Solutions (1)




There are many ways to do that.

If you have a dedicated navigation component, you can often request this already rendered (as HTML). Otherwise you can implement a Sling Model and expose the navigation as JSON as well. Depending on the page structure these components already have the JS/CSS dependencies included, otherwise you need to add them explicitly (in case they are handled globally on a page level already).


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