Is it possible to create a MSM rollout configuration to only edit properties




We are looking to create a rollout configuration that enables authors to only update page properties and not impact the page content. The intent is to help reduce the need to send pages through translation workflows when non-translatable attributes like tags and time stamps are updated within a page property. We are running 6.5.


I found this article that I think is on the right path:


I'm assuming that the editProperties Sync Action is the trigger element that we need to focus on to include all of the relevant properties that should be synced, but then as part of the rollout config, need to set the other actions to be "inactive" so that they do not change the page content. 


Am I on the right track, or is there something else I should consider?


Thank you!



AEM 6.5 MSM Rollout configuration synchronization action

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I believe you are on the right path. Rollout configs consist of various actions like "contentCopy" , "editProperties" etc.


You can create a new rollout config based on the OOTB one and then add/remove the actions you want to perform as part of that rollout config.


Lastly, apply that rollout config to the site to make sure it's getting used in the rollout process.

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