Is a 6.1 content package compatible with with 6.5?



We are on 6.1 and building a new set of 6.5 servers. I would like to take sample content from the 6.1 server, page content and assets, and install on the 6.5 server testing. This will speed up the process of checking the front end code.

Will 6.5 be able to use a content package from 6.1 on 6.5? Will we be able to migrate content from 6.1 to 6.5?

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If the package contains only assets and content - that should be ok. If the package contains Java code - then no - the APIs will be outdated.




From upgrade planning perspective, we need to first define the upgrade procedure

1. fresh install approach - we create a new 6.5 instance - move upgraded artefact, content, tags, ACLs etc

2. In-place upgrade - we upgrade the existing 6.1 instance to 6.5.

This decision is mostly made based on

1. size of your repository

2. infrastructure setup

Content packages are agnostic to AEM versions. So as long as component properties and features are not modified, content package created from previous version can be used in another version.

Other tools that you can consider for content movement are


2. GitHub - TWCable/grabbit: Grabbit - Fast Content Sync tool for AEM/CQ