Invisible AEM 6.2 components post targeting



Hi Guys,


I'm using AEM 6.2 which is integrated with Target thru cloud services for a/b testing and rules based personalization. The logic works properly for both activity types, but there is a bug in the AEM author environment.

After targeting any components they look good unless I leave page. If I leave page or my session expire and I re-visit targeted page, components are invisible. I can see there are some border lines for each component, but the content itself is invisible.


blank comopnents.PNG


I can normally operate on any component and targeting works properly on publish instance, but it's difficult to work with some components when I can't see them.


I can't see any related errors in the console or AEM error.log

Help? 🤔

AEM 6.2 Target

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Accepted Solutions (1)




We are not aware of a known issue with Components in a Targeting Mode. Can you verify that whenever you are back to your test page you are applying a proper audience for the targeted component?

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