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I’ve been studying up on the Live Copy feature to duplicate web pages.  My company launched a blog about 7 months ago for our North American audience.  We would like to launch it in English in 4 European countries.  I think the Live Copy functionality will be the key to copying an article to the EU sites.  The catch is that each EU instance of the blog will have a unique header and footer.  Knowing that those two content blocks will be unique in each region, is the Live Copy feature still the correct approach?  If so, what is the best workflow?

Should the header and footer in each region be a component that is swapped into the copy?  Or, should the unique headers and footers be experience fragments?

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Yes it makes sense to go with live copies for one language (EN) and multiple regions.

To me, I'd prefer to go with components for each region if the content/business logic vary per region. If the content/logic is same for all 4 EU regions then a better approach would be to utilize experience fragments to control the authoring via single source of truth.

I'm not sure of what all specific use cases you've for this requirement hence based on other factors, you may want to go with a combination or otherwise a different flavor of this approach.

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Livecopy sounds right, you probably want to modify the content to adapt it to country specifics. I recently blogged about content reuse in AEM [1], briefly covering the MSM as well,

Regarding header and footer: I would add logic to the header and footer component to lookup the details at some path (derived from the current page). And the configuration/content/whatever can be inherited by MSM as well. Or it will be maintained always separately, totally depends on the details of your requirements.

[1] Ways to achieve content reuse in AEM | Things on a content management system