Integration of WSO2 Api Manager with AEM 6.5



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Can we integrate WSO2 Api Manager with Adobe Experience Manager 6.5?

I have one requirement like, Whenever any rest api comes, firstly it will be deployed in wso2 api manager and then this layer will talk to AEM.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Hello, sure WSO2 API Manager can definitely be used with AEM. I'm assuming that AEM will be used as a headless solution.


Illustrated above is AEM being used as a headless solution; the client wishes to get information about a store in AEM:

  1. The client makes a GET-REQUEST to /api/store/ABEPOP.json
  2. WS02 API Manager will make a internal GET-REQUEST to the AEM publish environment: /content/my-site/api/store/ABEPOP.model.json, and returns JSON data.
  3. WS02 API Manager caches the JSON response and returns the response back to the client.
  4. The client then displays the store information to the user.

If you wish to learn how to create content API within AEM's content structure, utilising AEM's content services and WCM Core Components V2 will be your best bet. Check out this tutorial provided by Adobe themselves.

Let me know how it goes,


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AEM uses sling which is REST based framework, So any content in AEM can be accessed using a URL (REST API).


Please do share more info on what would be purpose of the API which you are planning to configure in WSO2 API Manager and what info it would fetch from AEM instance.