Integrating Experience Platform Launch and AEM



I'm trying to integrate our Launch and AEM instances. We are using Adobe Experience Platform Launch, and AEM 6.5.5.


I went through the "AEM Sites Videos and Tutorials for Integrating Experience Platform Launch and AEM".

I want to mention that the latest update to these videos was very helpful!


That being said...I am stuck when trying to assign the (ANY) Launch property to the Launch Config in AEM. See below:

The Adobe IMS Config for Launch is setup in AEM (below screenshot):

Question 1: Where do these configurations above come from? It seems I'm choosing one that "could" be the right one. Does it matter which one?

And when I try to create a new Launch configuration (screenshot below), I choose the Title, the Associated Adobe IMS Config and Company are pre-loaded.

The Property field does not have any choices in it.


Question 2: Shouldn't the Properties field be displaying the Profiles from our instance of Launch? 

I have Admin rights to both AEM and Launch.


Thanks for any help!



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Accepted Solutions (1)




@daveb36428317  apologies for any time wasted. A colleague of mine just informed me that there is an issue with AEM 6.5.5 and retrieving the correct property (even if the Product profile and permissions are set correctly). This is fixed in with AEM 6.5.6

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Answers (1)




Hey @daveb36428317 ,


Question 1: These are essentially folders (/conf/<your-site) in which you can save your Launch config. When you apply it to a site you simply point it to the folder level (not the individual Launch config) so if you host multiple sites or desire different Launch configs you would want multiple configuration folders under /conf.


Question 2: This is most likely on the Adobe I/O or Admin Console side. 


In the Admin Console,  navigate to the Launch Product Profile you want to use > and go to the Permissions tab. Ensure that the properties are enabled:



Then in Adobe Developer Console (I/O) Make sure that the Product Profile set up in the admin console is selected:




Hope this helps!