Integrating AEM with Adobe Target



Following the steps to integrate AEM with Adobe Target:


One of the prerequisite is integration of AEM with Adobe Launch:


In the steps mentioned it requires to create an integration at But the URL is just redirecting to


Some similar issue which was raised in the community:


The solution shared is about the access rights by @Gaurav-Behl,
'Please note that Every Experience environment is Adobe I/O integrated, all we need to ensure is that you have the following permissions; System Administrator of the AEC instance.Admin of the Product he/she needs to integrate e.g Analytics / Target Admin. Once they are they can start accessing the Adobe I/O though this url'.


But I have the access privileges as mentioned above, still I couldn't access


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Accepted Solutions (1)


Community Manager


I would request you to please Support Ticket for this. Also, for your problem related to "" -> Go to "" -> Create a new project - > Add API -> Select "Experience Cloud" and you are good to go.


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