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Integrate Adobe AEM with other systems


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Hi there,

We have in our company a team that is building a FAQ page for a subsite made without Adobe AEM.

Our idea is to use Adobe AEM as the CMS, storing the FAQ entries/data. So everything would be registered by some mechanism inside Adobe AEM, and we would serve this data through JSON endpoint or something alike. This subsystem would connect to Adobe AEM to fetch this data.

We never done it before. What are the options we have in Adobe AEM to solve this problem?

One more detail: there is a requirement in the project that the data fetching from external system consuming data from AEM must be authenticated.

Thank you!

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Hi smacdonald2008, thanks for the article. It was very useful.

Regarding this solution, in which we have Content Fragments Model, Content Fragments and a Page to expose the content. Do you know what are the options I have related to authentication?

I've seen inside Adobe Sites that it is possible to create a separate folder and make it protected, exposing it only for configured users. I've also seen that it is possible to make a curl-like request with basic http authentication to retrieve this data, but I didn't like the idea of sending raw user and password in each request to AEM.

It would be much better if AEM had an authentication system like OAUTH in which you just send a token when making requests to the target system.

Is it possible?